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avocado and feta guacamole.

I basically came off my dry tumblr spell to share this beautiful picture with you all today. It is easy to wear our labels, our past failures, to feel a victim to the obstacles of life which drain on our precious energy-but know that is not you, but garments of conditioning. Strip free, pour into yourself love and let it rest on your tongue when you share whatever sweeps through your mind. Clean yourself of judgement. In physical and spiritual form you are an eternal gift, an ancient gathering of exotic elements that is blessed with consciousness, and therefore blessed to tell, dance, transform each moment into a story. The universe is as wise as these myths which we leak into the soil, peaks and vast skies. Be well friends, and do not let any unconscious illusions steal you of your grace.
Desert Spirits by Spencer Tunick

dangling by salazar62
cherry blossoms

The gift of the Truth beats all other gifts. The flavour of the Truth beats all other tastes. The joy of the Truth beats all other joys, and the cessation of desire conquers all suffering.

(via thecalminside)

As long as you have certain desires about how it ought to be you can’t see how it is.

Ram Dass (via thecalminside)


Know there are still some of you stressing over end of the year exams… thought this might be useful. :)

So, is it like shiatsu?”

This is the question we most often hear when people first hear about Amma Therapy and begin to wrap their head around it. The answer is kind of - and no.

Asian Bodywork plays a major role in Amma Therapy, and, like shiatsu, this form of bodywork interacts with the channels and acu-points to move qi in the body.

But Amma Therapy is so much more than the technique of massage. It truly is a comprehensive form of healthcare that integrates, Chinese medicine theory, mindful movement, nutrition, herbs, supplements, and personal development along with the bodywork, all grounded in a lineage and the principles of Chinese Medicine. It gives you a complete framework through which to look at health and disease.

Sounds complex? It is, and we think that makes it an excellent match for the full complexity of human beings.
The bodywork component of Amma Therapy

When you watch an Amma treatment, you’ll see the practitioner apply deep circular digital pressure along all of the channels on the patient’s body, using fingers to access acu-points along the way. The channels and acu-points are the same ones used by acupuncturists. Amma Therapy just uses hands instead of needles to stimulate qi.

It is rhythmic and often more vigorous than a relaxation massage, and at the same time very grounding.

In the words of Michelle, a client and LMT:

“I love receiving Amma because it is so well-rounded, I feel like it touches on all aspects of my wellness. In one session I get the benefits of acupuncture without the needles, a relaxing and therapeutic massage, a nutrition consultation and a Chinese medicine diagnosis.”
Studying Amma Therapy vs. Massage

Amma Therapy is a wonderful alternative or addition to the study of massage therapy. In Oregon, our graduates are eligible to sit for the exams held by the Oregon Board of Massage and, upon passing, can practice as Licensed Massage Therapists in the state.

You will be able to offer a powerful form of Asian bodywork, as well as other tools to help your patients create and sustain health.

The same tools also help you take care of your own health on all levels, to minimize practitioner burn out (which unfortunately happens to too many massage therapists after a few years of practice) and can cultivate a sustainable and fulfilling career.
Want to dig a little deeper?

We love sharing our knowledge and experience with Amma Therapy, so come stop by our next Open House on June 10th. If you are intrigued by the idea of Amma Therapy as a professional path, you can also contact us with questions. And if you have never had an Amma therapy treatment, stay tuned for updates about our student clinics which will begin in January 2015.

No one escapes from life alive.

Michael Crichton, Congo (via observando)

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